Political Campaigns

Political campaigns come with many names; referendums, initiatives, bond issues and parcel taxes are typical. There are also campaigns that bring together vested interests, groups of developers or local constituencies who want to have a voice in the outcome at the local or state level. EKA has an enviable track record of success in all of these areas. We take a holistic approach to developing campaign strategies that tie the messages and delivery systems to the facts on the ground as they change within the timeline of the election. Our ability to anticipate and proactively drive the right message can make the difference between winning and losing. Once we have the strategy, we assemble the tools to deliver your story. Mail, social media, local messengers, commercials and door-to-door community outreach are powerful tactics.

But you can’t win at the ballot box without getting your voters to the polls. EKA has developed a superb community outreach program to carry our strategic messaging directly to the electorate. Our ability to individually reach voters, deliver your message and earn their support is unmatched. We understand that elections start weeks before Election Day with the increased vote by mail option. Banking votes and then making sure your walk-in votes get to their polling place is how we win.

EKA’s reputation developing successful campaigns and bringing them in on budget makes us the right partner to help you win. The EKA brand is one of the most respected in the industry. We nurture and protect our brand by consistently operating with integrity and by routinely delivering measurable results that exceed client expectations.

Ballot Measures

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