Strategic Communications

EKA has successfully assisted companies, high-profile individuals, celebrities, and nonprofits—as well as professionals such as attorneys, accountants, architects and advisors who serve them— with marketing and strategic communications.

Strategic communications require consulting excellence and policy and political expertise. Our business outcomes approach to strategic communications has allowed EKA to help clients, big and small, achieve their communications goals. Strategically and creatively, we create well-planned communications campaigns that begin with a strategy and measure success against campaign goals and achievable outcomes.

We focus on “desired outcomes” as the first step in planning communication campaigns. Before we engage with a client, we learn what business outcome they seek from a strategic communications campaign.

At EKA, we create and execute communications plans that are linked to the achievement of measurable outcomes. As an intentionally diverse consulting firm dedicated to delivering excellence in strategic communications, campaigns and public affairs, we bring together professionals who are veteran public affairs experts and communications strategists.


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