Fire Expert Witness Services

With combined experience of more than 90 years in fire department operations, fire and building code administration, and fire training, our expert witnesses, who were all former Chiefs, understand the complexities and nuances of emergency services.

Our expert witnesses can testify regarding industry best practices, fire cause and origin, fire spread, code compliance, fire protection means and methods, hazardous materials analysis and management, building construction, emergency lighting, fire systems, emergency medical services, fire reporting, fire suppression, and fire safety system failure analysis including exiting.

Our experts can provide analysis of fire department operations, including firefighting operations and emergency vehicle operations, safety procedures, and fire scene management. Our experts have extensive experience in different aspects of fire safety, fire service management, fire investigation, and building and fire code requirements along with experience with various codes and standards published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Other areas of expertise include above ground storage tank (AST), building codes, fire & life safety, fire sprinkler systems, high-rise firefighting, incident command, rescue and extrication, emergency vehicle driving procedures and standards, and fire communications and dispatch procedures.


Our Fire Department Operations Expert Witnesses

Kurt Henke has over thirty-four years of experience in the fire service and has held the ranks of Firefighter through Fire Chief.  Prior to becoming the Fire Chief of California’s seventh largest fire department, Kurt served as Union President of one the state’s largest labor groups, serving multiple Cities and Districts.  In addition, he was the Chairman of the California Metropolitan Fire Chiefs, was an Executive Board member of the California Fire Chiefs Association from 2011 through 2014 and was named the 2013 California Fire Chief of the Year.

Detailed CVs are available upon request.


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