Litigation Support

Increasingly, the issues underpinning legal battles are often decided in the court of public opinion long before attorneys see the inside of a courtroom. Our approach to protecting a client in this situation includes creating a communications program that allows our clients to retain maximum control over their reputation and communications under all foreseeable circumstances.

Communications outside the courtroom can be tricky, especially when a company is fighting on multiple fronts, and anything said in one forum can have implications in another.

EKA serves as a link between organizations’ communications and legal teams. We work to ensure a mutual understanding of needs and challenges so that communications can help accomplish business goals in light of legal challenges and risks. Our litigation communications practice has experienced professionals, including former practicing attorneys, who are familiar with complicated legal contexts and sensitivities. We have significant experience working on high-profile issues, crises, and litigation situations affecting corporations, individuals and government agencies.

Our collaboration with legal counsel allows us to create and execute a communications strategy aligned with the legal process, anticipate significant challenges and litigation milestones, and repair and protect a client’s brand and reputation.

We are typically retained in litigation under strict confidentiality agreements, preventing us from naming our clients publicly. Our client list is highly diverse and ranges from private individuals to large corporations and from single entities to multiple parties. Examples of EKA litigation support are available.


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