Municipal Government

EKA is proud to serve many government entities by providing a valuable range of experience designed to make government more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of its constituents. These services include the following:

Education and Outreach Campaigns

Our team of professionals can provide a seamless public education and outreach effort to educate stakeholders and constituents to the critical public policy issues and actions that require their support and approval. These efforts take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and the effective use of tried-and-true outreach and messaging methods. Whether it is gaining public support for a bond measure or simply looking to inform the public of important activities of government, EKA has the expertise to do it in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Advocacy: Government entities often have to lobby one another for change to legislation, administrative action, financial support and many other activities. EKA has effective team members and strategies that provide government advocacy for government to government. We represent a wide variety of agencies in Sacramento to protect local jurisdictions in the state’s legislative and budget process. We also have represented city governments to county, special district and federal entities. Efforts such as these require more than just reasoned and diplomatic approaches: EKA also successfully organizes community and media pressure to meet the needs of our clients.


EKA also has the ability to do media, public speaking and many other training exercises in the public affairs field. This enables elected officials, executive staff and city staff to have the tools to handle many public affairs challenges in-house and better manage outside support through clear, meaningful communications.

Public Safety

Public safety officers are subject to unique issues. EKA has public relations experts who specialize in the issues specific to police officers and firefighters. Because unions representing public safety professionals do not have the ability to strike, they need the valuable expertise of people who specialize in public safety communications. The EKA team includes former police officer’s familiar with issues and practices specific to police and fire departments. They know how to apply this knowledge during internal and external public relations campaigns.

Restaurants and Hospitality

With a wealth experience with local restaurant and hospitality industry issues, we focus our efforts on building relationships with local government officials and giving the California Restaurant Association and Los Angeles Hotel Association a regional presence.

Services provided to our clients in the restaurant and hospitality industry include:

  • Securing ABC licenses, entertainment permits and alcohol permits. We work to make sure that the conditions placed on these licenses or permits do not negatively impact our clients’ business;
  • Arranging meetings with local elected officials and staff when clients run into problems with building and safety and planning permits, parking issues, entertainment permit revocations and other issues that affect the industry;
  • Providing lobbying services on behalf of clients to local environmental health departments in the event of a violation to help the establishment reopen quickly;
  • Advocacy in meetings with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the California Air Resources Board, local sanitation districts, public works and other local agencies to help clients continue to operate legally and avoid any closures or fines;
  • Eliminating red tape when a restaurant or hotel is trying to get permits approved; and
  • Media relations and crisis management.

Transportation and Infrastructure

EKA has extensive experience in the transportation arena, helping to win state and local government contracts for a variety of clients. Our familiarity with the needs and nuances of California state and regional transportation agencies means we can quickly identify the best-fit opportunities for clients to win business and execute a sales program.

We work to maximize a client’s probability of success by leveraging a well-connected, on-the-ground team. Our strategists are intimately familiar with the transportation sector. state and local government buying habits and easily builds relationships with key decision-makers and potential partners.

Waste Management

EKA worked with a number of waste and landfill companies on an evolving series of campaigns for both public sector hauling and landfill/transfer station operations.

Members of our team offered strategic support for high-stakes issues such as bids for residential and commercial business and other local contract and siting issues. We have provided support for the largest waste companies and have developed and launched a public affairs and community relations campaigns targeting the residents elected officials.

Business to Business Referrals

Because we are one of the largest government relations firms in California we can track and position our clients for opportunities across multiple jurisdictions. This gives us the ability to advise our clients on business to business partnering opportunities. We often help our clients enhance their proposals and initiatives by partnering with other EKA clients who offer complimentary products, services and credentials.


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