Law Firms

EKA expertise to our law firm clients by providing full-service crisis management, litigation communications and corporate public relations support to help both firms and their clients sharpen their message in the court of public opinion. EKA works with the nation’s most prominent firms, as well as with local small and medium-size firms.

We work with law firms to utilize the techniques of modern communication potentially avoiding litigation, wining trials and protecting reputations. We work with lawyers to inform the media, policy makers and the public about legal and policy issues raised by an ongoing legal matter. Because litigation can have an enormous impact on the reputation and future prospects of a company, nonprofit organization, group or individual, we ensure that legal matters are correctly understood and reported upon.

We have a history of getting our clients facts heard over the noise and confusion that often results in media coverage. We tell our client’s story so that it is understood by the relevant stakeholders.

We also have experience working with city attorneys, district attorneys, county counsels and other prominent elected officials to help law firms secure government contracts for themselves.

Development and entitlement projects represent another area of expertise. We have worked successfully with law firms in conjunction with their development and entitlement projects. EKA provides political and community-relations strategies and support to create the political cover decision makers need to make the right decision.


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