Land Use and Development Services

EKA offers services for the development and real estate industries. Our array of services allows us to assist our clients in every stage of their project, helping them identify and unlock opportunities, navigate challenges and mitigate risks.

Because the land-use approval process is political in nature, our team guides our clients through their real estate, development and entitlement needs. Our team can provide clients with full-service from start to finish or specific services tailored to each project’s needs.

Our expertise extends from property due-diligence and entitlement strategy through the entitlement and community outreach process to plan check and construction. With vision, innovation and collaboration, we help our clients achieve their development goals.


We deliver a comprehensive brand of land use consulting. We can help with every aspect of the development process, from land acquisition to the finished product. We specialize in complex projects, including multi-family residential and mixed-use developments, commercial/creative office space, food-service and hospitality projects, hotel and large-scale multi-disciplined ventures.

In the complex, modern-day world of land use, our challenge for every client is finding the best possible solutions, even when the regulations make the task seem impossible. Whether your project is one-dimensional or multi-disciplined, we have the strategic creativity to ensure a successful planning effort.



  • Full-service Development Strategy
  • Owner/Client Representation
  • Pre-Development Consulting
  • Feasibility Analysis & Alternatives
  • Property Development Strategy & Alternatives
  • Liquor License Assistance



  • Property Research and Due Diligence
  • Land Use Planning
  • Full-Service Entitlement Strategy Preparation & Management
    • Entitlement Processing
    • Environmental Clearance
    • Subdivision Processing
    • Housing Compliance



  • Government Advocacy/Lobbying
  • Community & Neighborhood Outreach
    • One-on-one Communication
    • Small Neighborhood Gatherings
      • Large Community Meetings
      • Mailing & Social Media Campaigns



Let us relieve the headaches and barriers commonplace with the land use and real estate development environment.

  • Building Permit Processing
  • Condition Clearance
  • Code Enforcement Response
  • Professional Peer-Review
  • Securing Permits, Licenses + Approvals from Government Agencies

Media Relations: Most government officials follow the media very closely because they know the media wields enormous influence over public opinion. If we determine that a proactive media relations effort is advisable, we will help select a spokesperson, provide media relations training and prep the spokesperson for media interviews.

Project Advocacy: Before public hearings, we will engage in various activities designed to reach decision-makers with expressions of support from the community.

Public Hearings Prep: Before a public hearing, we will help you design your presentation to reflect our community outreach efforts.


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