Shaping, Fashioning, Enhancing and Saving Reputations

Consumers rely on current customers to tell them whether an organization is worth their time and money. Consumers look at media reports, feedback from online reviews and social media to use in their decision-making process.  EKA has been trusted advisors to Fortune 500 companies and their CEO’s who face reputational challenges.  We have assisted in the shaping, fashioning, enhancing saving the reputations for clients in a wide variety of industries.

Protecting the reputation of private sector clients is essential as they pursue future public-sector work across the United States. Media stories that cast a client in a negative light can impact their ability to win future contracts in other markets. EKA worked with a large public works/civil engineering contractor to facilitate an amicable separation from a contract with a large construction agency in Los Angeles.

The agency wanted to terminate the client for convenience and consolidate two related contracts for a mega project under another contractor. EKA worked with the client, agency staff and elected officials to ensure that the staff report and public discussion of the termination did not blame the client and facilitated final payment for work already completed. As a result, potential litigation was avoided—which was a goal for both the client and agency. While local media coverage described potential schedule delays and cost overruns for the project, the client was not named or blamed. The outcome was positive for our client.


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