New White Paper, ‘Navigating Reputational Harm’ by Eric W. Rose and James F. Haggerty Analyzes Managing Reputational Issues in the Digital Age

New York, NY (April 4, 2024)–Attorney James F. Haggerty and Eric W. Rose, a nationally known expert on reputational damages, are pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper, “Navigating Reputational Harm: A Deep Dive into Repairing, Measuring, Metrics, and Legal Implications of Reputational Harm in the Internet Age,” published by Hart + Harvest Press as part of their new Media Monograph Series.

With a rise in false and defamatory content due to social media and the internet, managing a reputation has become increasingly difficult. Presenting challenges to the traditional reputational response methods. This white paper features a comprehensive analysis on how to handle the growing challenges of repairing reputational damage in a media-driven era.

Haggerty and Rose provide a guide on the best practices moving forward to help properly handle a reputational crisis online, along with addressing the more prominent role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in perpetuating reputational harm.

“Simply put,” the authors, write, “in today’s world, everyone is a publisher, everyone has an opinion, this opinionated “news” can be transmitted globally with the touch of a button, and we all have actual malice toward each other — or, at least, toward anyone with an opposing or adversarial viewpoint.”

Haggerty and Rose add that “the difference between fact and opinion, which has traditionally been critical to defamation cases, has also blurred. Indeed, this brave new world has changed, and will further change, the framework and cost-benefit analysis surrounding modern defamation law. This will likely result in more defamation suits and greater damages, both in the United States and in other jurisdictions.”

A guide for public relations professionals, organizations, and legal professionals dealing with reputation issues online, Navigating Reputational Harm outlines various tools and techniques for addressing reputational damage, including social media monitoring platforms and sentiment analysis tools.

This white paper is available for download on the websites of EKA PR, and PRCG |Haggerty, and at


About The Authors

James F. Haggerty, CEO of PRCG | Haggerty LLC, is an attorney, author, and communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience advising corporate, nonprofit, and individual clients. Business Insider recently named Jim as one of the “18 top public-relations experts CEOs scramble to hire in a crisis.” He has also been repeatedly ranked as one of the top legal communications professionals in the United States by Chambers and Partners, the international legal directory, and in 2017 was named one of 50 “Game-Changers of PR” by PR News for his work in litigation-related communications. Jim is also President of Reputation Advisors International, a network of senior communications professionals in 16 cities across the globe.

Jim’s influential first book, In The Court of Public Opinion: Winning Strategies for Litigation Communications, has been called “…the perfect handbook for this age” by the Financial Times and remains a definitive exploration of public relations in legal disputes. In the Court of Public Opinion is now in its Third Edition, published by Hart + Harvest Press (2022). Jim’s second book, Chief Crisis Officer: Structure and Leadership for Effective Communications Response, was the best-selling public relations hardcover of 2017 and was recently released in paperback by Hart + Harvest Press, with a new Preface by the author. Chief Crisis Officer has received recognition in the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, and Fortune magazines, among others. Jim was also a columnist for American Lawyer’s Corporate Counsel magazine from 2011 to 2015.

Jim is admitted to practice law in New York and Florida. As an attorney, his legal work spans diverse areas, including reputation matters, First Amendment issues, and false advertising cases. Jim was also lead counsel on behalf of more than 3,000 victims of the Haitian Cholera disaster, in a case against the United Nations that reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 2019.

Eric W. Rose is a veteran executive in public relations, marketing, and communications with over 35 years of experience. He is a partner at EKA in Los Angeles, specializing in guiding clients through complex corporate reputation challenges and has assisted clients in navigating crises stemming from natural and human-made disasters, labor disputes, product recalls, layoffs, and plant closures.

Eric has distinguished himself in litigation, crisis communications, reputation management, image repair, and counseling. Eric has created public relations and marketing/communications programs for the legal profession and has provided litigation support throughout the United States. Eric has served as an expert information source and analyst for the mass media on crisis communications, image repair, and reputation management issues.

He is a respected court-qualified expert witness and has testified on matters relating to crisis communications, defamation, damaged image, reputation prevention, and the costs of implementing repair programs. He has provided expert testimony nationally on the costs and measures required to restore reputations. Eric has also been a rebuttal expert witness and excels in reputational repair and identifying and mitigating social media vulnerabilities.

Eric excels at distilling intricate legal matters into digestible, clear, and impactful narratives tailored to specific audiences. He also specializes in crafting communication strategies designed to navigate the litigation processes. His track record includes shaping narratives in high-profile cases, anticipating potential case outcomes, and effectively influencing key stakeholders to cultivate an environment conducive to the client’s objectives.

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