Expert Witness Services

Our court-qualified expert witness testifies on behalf of major corporations in defamation, libel and slander cases across the country.

Our experts are qualified to provide expert testimony on issues including, but not limited to, damaged images, reputational harm prevention and repair, and crisis communications. We have served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of defamation/reputation cases throughout the United States. Despite the location and the type/nature of the defamation involved, there was one constant – the vital need for an expert witness for both the plaintiff and defendant.

Court cases involving defamation may occur over statements that have hindered a business, an individual’s career, reputation or general well-being. Increasingly, cases involve false statements on the internet or social media posts. While the lawyers prove that the statement and/or writing made are false, one of the challenges is determining the extent of damages that defamation has caused. EKA’s expert witness has years of experience testifying on the stand and brings meticulous preparation to every appearance. EKA has assisted attorneys recover damages and ensure that their client’s reputation is repaired as much as possible given that false material is very difficult to remove from the internet. EKA has developed online reputation management campaigns to help victims repair the harm caused by defamation.

Slander and libel ruins lives

Very few people that serve on juries have the knowledge, background or understanding of the effect defamatory communication has on others. A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth ever gets out. We understand:

  • The principles of negative communications
  • The many ways false and negative information is spread
  • Human nature and psychology and how information is absorbed and interpreted
  • Strategies available for victims of defamation, slander & libel to take to counter the false information and the costs involved to repair the damage.


Rhonda Holmes v. Courtney Love

Rose provided expert testimony in a precedent-setting case involving Courtney Love, who was sued for posting a tweet in reference to her former attorney. This was the first trial in the United States involving allegations of defamation on Twitter. Rose provided expert witness testimony regarding crisis communication, media relations and reputation management. After an eight-day trial, a jury decided that Courtney Love should not be held liable for a tweet directed at her former attorney Rhonda Holmes.


Jacob Haiavy v. Theodora “April” Morris

Rose was an expert witness for a well-known doctor who sued his patient for defamatory comments on social media websites. Rose provided expert opinion and analysis on how it is nearly impossible to remove defamation from the internet.  His analysis included a detailed overview of the steps necessary for content removal and the cost of rehabilitating the doctor’s good name and businesses. Rose examined the impact and dissemination of the comments on social media websites and how those comments harmed the doctor’s professional reputation and economic condition. Rose’s client won the case and was awarded the amount Rose recommended for rebuilding the doctor’s reputation and good name in business.


Dr. Jose Lopez v. Healthcare Group and OptumRx

Dr. Lopez sued two insurance companies after his patients began informing him that their pharmacists would no longer fill their prescriptions. Over a six-month period, the patients were being told (falsely) by the defendants that Dr. Lopez was a sanctioned provider by the federal government and unable to write prescriptions. Rose was retained to address the effects of the dissemination of false information to the doctor’s professional reputation, to determine the appropriate standard of care/crisis response that should have taken place, and to provide an overview of action necessary to recover the doctor’s good professional reputation. The case was heard by a three-judge binding arbitration panel and they awarded Dr. Lopez $1.5 million dollars.


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