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Eric has more than two decades of experience advising companies, associations and individuals on a wide range of political, governmental and public relations issues. He is known nationally and internationally for his successful crisis management and communications expertise.

He offers a broad range of services to individuals, corporations and organizations—including labor relations, litigation support, issues advertising, visual communications, Q&A preparation for public hearings and testimony and media relations and media training. One of Eric’s most potent tools is his strength interacting with the highest-level investigative reporters on behalf of his clients. He has served as a counselor to numerous Fortune 500 companies, trade unions and other organizations, interacting with senior leadership and advising them on corporate issues management, executive exposure and media relations.

Eric has amassed a great amount of experience and expertise in aiding and counseling people, business and entities that were in trouble, conflict or has been harmed by negative communications that affected/damaged their name, good will, image, reputation, brand, etc.  For over a decade, clients have sought Eric out as an expert source and analyst for mass media on issues relating to crisis communications and issues involving damage to image or reputation.  Eric’s work with both political and public-sector clients includes law enforcement, healthcare, energy, transportation, consumer goods, hospitality and leisure and environmental management. Eric has experience in all major industries and a specialty practice serving public safety unions.

As a direct result of Eric’s involvement in many crisis communications situations over the past few decades, Eric has become “go to” person for perspective by the media to provide background, information, interpretation and analysis, commentary and opinions on news, issues and matters relating to those people, businesses, institutions, governments, etc. who were controversial, in conflict or in trouble.  Generally, this related to what the public perception of the situation was, how could it be changed by those involved and what damage has or was it causing to their image, reputation or brand.

Eric is regularly interviewed by local, national and international print and electronic media as an expert media source/analyst.

The Los Angeles Times called Eric a crisis and reputation management expert and The Las Vegas Review Journal calls Eric for his insight into reputational issues

Eric serves as an expert witness in legal proceedings regarding defamation and image repair and has been a guest lecturer at the USC and CSUN.

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