Measure M Is the Most Important L.A. Ballot Initiative You Haven’t Heard of

Englander Knabe & Allen founding partner Harvey Englander is quoted in LA Weekly coverage of Measure M, the marijuana licensing initiative for the City of Los Angeles:

Veteran political operative Harvey Englander, of government-relations consulting firm Englander Knabe & Allen, is helping another coalition of pot shops, the United Cannabis Business Alliance, voice its concerns at City Hall. The group spearheaded the abandoned Measure N; it now backs Measure M.

Englander says he isn’t too worried about the tepid enthusiasm behind Measure M. “It’s real quiet out there,” he says. “That’s typical in a city election. We don’t have a lot on the ballot generating a lot of excitement.

“Support for laws regulating marijuana are popular,” Englander adds. “There’s support for this.”

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