Las Vegas Review-Journal: Wynn brand may have staying power, experts say

Englander Knabe & Allen partner Eric Rose was quoted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article entitled, “Wynn brand may have staying power, experts say“:

The impact on the brand could take weeks to discern, said Eric Rose, a crisis manager at Englander Knabe & Allen. Even if there is a slight impact on the business, it has to be weighed against the costs of rebranding, which could run into the tens of millions of dollars, he said.

“What they have to do is let the dust settle for a few weeks and conduct some research among customers and the public,” said Rose. “My gut feeling is that they will probably not have to change the brand.”

President Donald Trump has also been accused of harassment and offended many people, but the brand hasn’t suffered as much as people thought, Rose pointed out.

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