Health News Florida: Doctor Wins $1.5M In Case Of Mistaken Identity

Englander Knabe & Allen partner Eric Rose was quoted in a recent article published at the Health News Florida website entitles “Doctor Wins $1.5M In Case Of Mistaken Identity”:

The report containing Garcia’s name was compiled by Eric W. Rose, a Los Angeles public-relations expert who consults on “crisis communications” with celebrities, business leaders and others who suffer a black mark on their image. Lopez’s lawyers hired Rose to rate the behavior of OptumRx and calculate damages to the doctor.

Rose said that when he first heard the case described he was skeptical. But after studying the records and phone recordings, he said, it was clear that OptumRx failed to investigate the problem, let alone fix it, for an outrageous length of time.

“Dr. Lopez and others called over and over again, asking why (OptumRx sources) were disseminating false information to his patients. And they didn’t react. They took his information and promised to correct it and never did,” Rose said.

“It was heartbreaking to hear the people who were calling, wondering why the prescriptions couldn’t be filled, being told information that truly wasn’t accurate,” Rose said. ”These are elderly people, many of whom don’t have English as their first language.”

Rose’s report identifies the OptumRx vendor that made the error as Enclarity Inc. of Irvine, Calif.

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