Director Robert Rodriguez slams ‘errors’ about him in ‘Vanity Fair’ Rose McGowan profile

Englander Knabe & Allen partner Eric Rose was mentioned in a USA Today article entitled “Director Robert Rodriguez slams ‘errors’ about him in ‘Vanity Fair’ Rose McGowan profile,” published January 4, 2018, in response to pre-book release interviews with Rodriguez’ ex-girlfriend, Rose McGowan. The actress is at the enter of the “#metoo” Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment/misconduct controversy.

From the article in which Rodriguez details facts that are opposite of claims in McGowan’s book:

Rodriguez disputes his depiction in the article, saying Peretz did not ask him for comment or clarification.

“It is deeply disappointing that the fact checkers at publishing house HarperOne did not reach out to me either,” he says about the publisher of McGowan’s book in a statement sent to USA TODAY by his representative, Eric Rose. “As a result, there are some key factual errors in the piece. These inaccuracies may appear to put me at odds with Rose, but I have no quarrel with her.”

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