Media Relations & Social Media

EKA leverages its reputation to advantage our clients across media platforms. Our Media Relations & Social Media specialists work in concert with our Advocacy and Campaign teams to address your media needs. We deliver the message and are equipped to handle all media-related issues that surround it.

Delivering the right message at the right time on the right platform can mean the difference between attracting positive attention or being swamped by negative attacks. Our Media Relations team has the contacts and experience to manage your story. While the news media remains a critical avenue for message delivery, today it isn’t the only way to tell get to your audience. We use sophisticated social media platforms and populate them with clear, compelling messages. We can talk directly to your target audience to activate their support. Creating messengers to deliver your story to decision makers is a key element of our strategy.

We are experts in working with local, regional and national media outlets to help position our clients in the most appropriate and advantageous light. Englander Knabe & Allen has built its reputation by delivering results on behalf of our clients. We understand that clients want meaningful, positive and measurable outcomes. Effective communication is an essential means toward that end.


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